About the photographer

What does a "natural" or "photojournalistic" photographer mean?

My goal is to provide you with a piece of art. By all means I try to avoid giving you the "standard mall" shots. A natural, photojournalistic photographer captures the moment and all of the emotion.

Why do you focus on families?

I have fallen in love with the idea that I can watch families grow closer together and I have the chance to capture some of their most important milestones. Each family is different which shines through the pictures and it keeps me from having a repetitive shoot.

How long have you been a photographer?

I've spent the majority of my life capturing nature, products, and artistic abstracts. As for family photography, I've been doing this on a professional level since 2011.

Are you willing to travel?

Yes. Although most of my clients are within the St George Area, I have traveled to various states and countries for clients from Las Vegas hotels to Engagements and Weddings in Germany.

If you are interested in having me as your destination photographer, please contact me with the specific time, location, and other various details so I can give you the best quote.


About the session

When is the best time for a newborn photo shoot?

Within the first week after being born as this allows them to be easily positioned.

Will we use the entire 2 hours for a portrait photo shoot?

Not typically. A standard shoot actually lasts about 1-1.25 hours as I try to make it as painless as possible for the family and for any children who might be involved.

When working with children the over-scheduling is a must as from time to time the little ones need a break.

What is the best time of day to take outdoor family photos?

Early morning will offer very vibrant colors and lighting while late afternoon/dusk will offer dramatic sun flares and warmer colors. Keep in mind that the worst time is during the late morning and early afternoon as the sun is typically too harsh for vibrant colors and lighting effects.

What should we wear?

No matter the age, or type of photography session, it's important to LOVE what you are going to wear. If you don't LOVE it, don't bring it. If you're comfortable with what you're wearing, it'll shine through the picture.

Should I bring props for my photo shoot?

Any prop you would like to bring is always welcome. Although I ask that you let me know about the prop(s) before the session so I can plan accordingly.

What should I bring for my newborn / toddler photo shoot?

I always recommend bringing any special blankets and toys to your child's photo session. It's important to capture those items which are important to your family and child.


About the prints

What do your color adjustments and touch ups include?

The color adjustments are custom designed for different locations. Each adjustment was personally created to enhance natural lighting, skin tones, hair, and eye color.

My touch ups include any non-permanent skin blemishes such as small scratches on little ones, and acne. I try to leave any permanent marks as this is who we are, and I want to capture the REAL you.

Are the digital prints REALLY free?

Yes, with every session you will receive a DVD with the logo-free digital prints. These are high resolution format and can be printed at any location of your choice. I also include a photo release form to keep the pesky printers from hassling you at the time of printing.

I do this because I think it's important to take care of my customers who have taken care of me. I am not out to "nickel and dime" you for extra fees.

Do you offer prints?

Yes, I include a PDF order form on every DVD I send, however you can also download the form here.

I work with a fantastic printing company so I can offer prints at the fraction of the price of other photographers, while you can still get top quality. All prints are on Kodiak Professional paper.

What's the difference between Lustre and Metallic prints?

Lustre paper offers a slightly matte look to the image for professional colors and tones. I recommend this as it will also help diffuse any light glare if hung near a door or window.

Metallic paper brings a photograph to life. Although very glossy finish, it allows all the colors to pop and give the photo great depth as almost if 3D.


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