Last week in Germany my wife and I were able to visit family, photograph a wedding, and be on the other side of a photo shoot!

Although I’m very comfortable behind the camera, I found the anticipation to be as awkward as when I had senior pictures.

Thankfully, we had one of our friends, and one of my favorite photographers take care of us. Lilli Schwindt from Lilly Photography was a lot of fun and took us to a cool pub, field covered in flowers, and on the streets of downtown Bonn. In fact the only awkward moment of the shoot was when we were asked to order drinks for props, I got a tall beer while Erika got a small cappuccino… and it was only 10am. Live and learn – or live and enjoy I suppose. =)

I hope to have grown from this experience and that I can incorporate some of the German photography scene into my style here in the states.