“Ich bin ein Berliner”

My wife and I decided to concentrate our last Europe trip in Berlin as we had a wedding a few days later in Bonn. Berlin is such a diverse melting pot (as any major city) of religions, cultures, ethnicities, etc. This typically means you can find very authentic food from various regions in a small area – which is typically my goal when traveling.


This afternoon I began looking through random vacation pictures from our Euro-Trips and came across several photos from our trip (almost a full year ago) to Madrid, Spain.

Dragon Boat Festival

Today we went to the Dragon Boat Festival at Sloans Lake in Edgewater, CO.

The festival celebrates Asian culture with food vendors, performances, and of course Dragon Boat races.

Kölner Dom in Cologne

About 30 minutes from my in-laws is the historic city of Cologne, Germany. The Kölner Dom is famous for having survived WWII while the entire city was leveled.

On the other side of the camera

Last week in Germany my wife and I were able to visit family, photograph a wedding, and be on the other side of a photo shoot!

Although I’m very comfortable behind the camera, I found the anticipation to be as awkward as when I had senior pictures.